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A book about two young people during the Second World War.
Frédéric, the Jewish child of the two, and his family are forced to leave Germany.
It's the only book I've ever been able to read in its entirety,
and it's a good description of the harsh reality experienced by Jews at the time.

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Or that of David's star to see their story

My favourite book

Mon Ami Frederic

2007 - Hans Peter Richter

My favourite anime

Inazuma Eleven

2008 - studio OLM

Today I'm not going to present you a film as requested, but an anime
Because I don't watch movies, and if I want to watch something,
it's inazuma eleven (I've watched it about 7 times).
Inazuma Eleven is an anime about kids playing soccer with soccer superpowers.
This anime tells the story of a young child,
Mark Evan, who plays on the Raimon Middle School team (later Inazuma Japan).
He gives his all to win every match and never gives up.
I started watching this anime when I was 7, when it was on TV in the morning.
Now I've grown up with Mark Evan in my heart.


If I hadn't talked about inazuma eleven I would have mentioned video (Youtube link)
which Alphama one of the players on one of the 2 teams was my idol and still is.